Photo by Carol Rothchild

What People are saying about Narrow Escape...

 We had the pleasure of hearing Roberta and Jim at a wine tasting last year.  When we were planning our wedding they were the first ones we thought of to play for us.  They were absolutely fantastic and everyone enjoyed them.  We would highly recommend them to play at any event."  - James and Dolores Laurora

"WOOHOO! The CD's have arrived, AND THEY SOUND GREAT! It is amazing that all of that sound is coming from only you and Jim. I liked it the first time that I played it, but the more I play it, the more I like it. It really is GREAT, and I like every song.  It would be hard to pick a favorite.  I like the 'mix' of music that you have with all of the songs sounding different.  Very nicely done, and both you and Jim sound GREAT on the vocals, and the musical accompaniment is AWESOME! Every 'mix' is perfect.  I am looking forward to listening to every song over and over again!  I hope you and Jim sell at least a MILLION copies. " --Pam Stevens, Certified Fitness Instructor 

"I've been listening to the sultry, soulful, inspirational vocals of Roberta Pescow for many years. She is truly a gifted musician. Combined with the musical artistry of Jim, they are not to be missed! Love this musical team... And the journeys of their songs." 

~Carol Rothchild

"Narrow Escape Duo played at our wedding celebration last year. We requested some of our favorite standards, & they more than rose to the occasion. The two have a wonderful balance & fun rapport onstage, an excellent combination of showmanship & authenticity. We were thrilled, & we heard many compliments from guests as well. We highly recommend them." - Joanna Dalin Sexton & Andrew Sexton

"I was never a fan of jazz. It was a nice genre but held no real appeal for me. That completely changed once I found Narrow Escape Duo's Roberta Pescow and Jim B. These two stunning artists have opened up an amazing new door of auditory joy for me! The varied styles and themes of the songs ensure that in will never get bored with this music! The CD never leaves my car and is always on my iPod! Even my 6 year old loves it! " ~Khrys Turner

"Roberta and Jim are a perfect blend of silky smooth vocals poured over expressive intricate guitar arrangements! Their renditions of popular standards are flawless - evoking the feelings that were intended by the original artists. Their self-penned tunes range from world music life anthems to quirky tongue-n-cheek parodies. If you see that they are playing somewhere in your area - make sure you go see them... it will change you for the better!" - Jeff Penque; singer, guitarist and recording artist with "Jeff & Karen"

"What a wonderful eclectic musical treat you two are! Jazz, folk, broadway, original compositions, and Humor!! The best of everything! We've been fans for several years and it's always such a pleasure to get to hear you. Thanks for bringing smiles to the world through your music!" Avyril & Bear Brady

"Narrow Escape Duo is the kind of music you can sit back and listen to, talk through, sing along, and smile at. They have such a wide and delightful repertoire. Great way to spend a warm summer evening at a cafe or warm up to in a coffee shop or restaurant. They always bring a smile to the faces of their listeners. Keep up the good work, Jim & Roberta! - Avyril" 

“With excellent renditions of the old standards, as well as more contemporary and original songs, Narrow Escape is always an audience favorite”—Ray Winch; Singer/Songwriter; Sacred Bean Coffeehouse

“For a superb evening of entertainment, check out the Narrow Escape Duo.  They jazz it up, blues it up, and throw in a laugh or two.  Roberta’s “sweet” n “sultry” vocals and Jim’s incredible diversity and talent on guitar (also with his own vocal talents), make them a duo well worth seeing!”—Margo Kalogera: NJ Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist


"We have had the pleasure of Narrow Escape performing in our wine lounge a number of times now!  We love ‘m and our guests do too!  That’s the reason they will be back to play many, many more times!”—Allan Capalbo; Wine in the Woods, West Milford NJ

 “Roberta has a voice like an angel, one of the best singers that has performed here, and Jim is a great guitar player & great singer.  They are a perfect combination – I love when they play here!”—Peter Mankin; Co-owner, The Tapestry Café

“When this duo walked into the café and started singing and playing their music, we were so moved we cried…Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place…” –Theresa Mankin; Co-owner, The Tapestry Café

“Love you guys!  You can play for us anytime!”—Cheryl Winters-Rosen; Owner, Café Café

“Narrow Escape brings the past, present & future into Uncommon Grounds and adds to the multi-sensory experience.  Bravo!!!”  Anne and Sandy; Owners, Uncommon Grounds

“Dear Roberta,

You and Jim are such a special program and I am so appreciative of you performing for our L’Chaim Club today.  You make beautiful music together – your wonderful voice and Jim’s amazing accompaniment.  Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.  Looking forward to hearing you both again soon.”  Barbara Gold; Events Coordinator, L’Chaim Club


“I downloaded your song and it is so beautiful!  It brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you.  Your voice sounds like crystal.”  Michele Sentouktsi; Production Manger, Unilever Cosmetics

“Sensational songs…soothing, relaxing music.  Very Enjoyable.  Thank you so much...always asking for you to come back soon!”—Kristina; New Seasons

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